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Christian Jormin Trio

Christian Jormin - Piano / Magnus Bergström - Double Bass / Adam Ross - Drums

The current edition of the Christian Jormin Trio released their debut CD "See the unseen" in September - 2021 on the Norwegian record company Losen Records with glowing reviews from an exalted, international critics.


"The jazz of tomorrow. Metaphysical, experimental, Christian Jormin's trio is pure instrumental poetry. A truly innovative mix of contemporary jazz"

Giuseppe Maggioli - Windout (Italien)


C.J. Trio

The trio was formed after the music collaborators since long, Christian and Magnus, met drummer Adam Ross a few years ago. A special musical chemistry arose giving desire to continue playing together in a trio format.Out from Christian's original compositions, a group sound characterized by uplifting chords, strong melodies and  magnetic swing is formed. Music alternating between meditative and energetic moods.

"One of the greatest qualities of the trio is the understanding of the interplay, how the three move spontaneously, well aware that the adventure mates will not only follow a set path, yet be able to serve the musical discussion in a way that is cohesive for the whole." Gerlando Gatto - (Italy)


"10 brilliantly beautiful compositions performed in a beautiful way by the three musicians." Jan Granlie - (Norway)

"Should have known, but is still a little surprised that Christian Jormin maintains such a high standard throughout the album. Both as an instrumentalist and composer."
Mats Hallberg - Orkesterjournalen


"Magnus Bergström slow dances with the bass, sometimes raises the temperature and also plays with the bow."
Ola Claesson - Smålandsposten


"It is definitely clear why Adam Ross in a short time has established himself as one of the country's hottest drummers.

I rejoice in his joy of playing, knowledge and maturity."
Mats Hallberg - Orkesterjournalen

"Whatever world they're offering a glimpse of, it's always graceful and beautiful."

Geno Thackara - All about jazz (USA)

Christian Jormin Trio are available for engagement,  longing to perform their music in light and presence in front of live audiences.


Anders & Christian Jormin Duo

Christian Jormin - Piano / Percussion  Anders Jormin - Double Bass

The brothers Anders and Christian Jormin are well known,
long-established musicians both in Sweden and abroad. Ever since their childhood in Jönköping, the brothers have from time to time played music together in different constellations, in recent years usually in duo format.


In 2013, the CD "Provenance" was released, their first in duo format
and 2021 "Live in Växjö Domkyrka" (digital release). The repertoire consists of improvisations over own compositions as well as adaptations of traditional melodies.

Bassist Anders Jormin has for many years worked in a large international field as a concert musician and has long been regarded as one of Sweden's most established and sought after musicians even outside our borders. In addition to his collaborations with leading tonal artists from all corners of the world, he works with the Bobo Stenson Trio and leads his own, acclaimed projects. He is also active as a composer alongside his professorship in improvisation at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.

Christian Jormin is both pianist and percussionist and moves in the context of a wide musical range. He has his own trio and is active on the free improvisation stage, internationally active and in recent years has given concerts in both Japan and India and around Europe. Christian has also attracted a lot of attention for his music for dance, theater and poetry performances. Teaches at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg and is a trained teacher in Kundalini yoga as well as "gong master" and regularly holds so-called gong baths.


Anders Jormin & Christian Jormin Duo / Provenance

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

"Lira likes"
The references range from everything from folk music, songs and jazz to classical music. They have found a room where elements from all these genres can meet again, which has given rise to a sound that feels modern yet so full of history.

Or yes: origin. This is a great record, full of warmth, love and creativity.

Carl Magnus Juliusson - Lira 

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Best record of the year -
When Anders Jormin jams with his brother Christian, it becomes music that is a bliss for stressed souls.

The recordings are mainly pure improvisations in a calm and thoughtful lyrical mood, where the interaction takes place directly on nerve fibers.
Magnus Nilsson - Smålandsposten

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

The Jormin brothers have made a fantastic journey, each in his own way. Anders is the master of double bass
and Christian excels on piano and percussion. Music that shimmers, glimmers, glows, warms and delights.
Autumn becomes quite bearable when you can hear music like this.

Bo Levander - Jönköpingsposten 

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Most striking is what an incredibly fine pianist Christian Jormin is. The air is high and rich in oxygen over the strong and carefully chiseled melodies. Two strong voices, one of the best records of the year in its genre.

Ulf Johanson - Göteborgsposten 

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Brilliant. Innovative, extremely well-played and fun with something that does not sound like most things.
Björn Stenberg - Uppsala new newspaper

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

With unfailing precision and natural sensitivity, the duo breaks the line between low-key, melodic reflection and the expressive intensity of the moment. The accusation is deeply personal and a loving approach to uncompromising improvisation characterizes the album. At Provenance, Anders and Christian Jormin create timeless music.
In short, wide open, naked and incredibly beautiful - a balm for thought and soul.
Patrik Sandberg - Orkesterjournalen

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Those who have been waiting for something good have had to wait unnecessarily long. This is really good.
The result is extremely enjoyable right through.
Sten Wistrand -

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

The touch is dreamy and free-floating, a record to rest in.
Måns Uggla - Nerikes Allehanda

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

It is about extremely beautiful music where a decidedly Nordic timbre is included in the palette, and which in a grateful way manages to ward off all forms of sentimentality and melancholy without being studied introspectively.
Peter Bornemar - DIG

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Jazz and genes -
Classic feather-light counterpoint meets meditative and cozy sounds, which only a few autumn days with a Värmland forest outside the recording studio in Enggården can achieve.
Mikael Strömberg - Aftonbladet

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Christian Jormin Solo

Piano / Keyboard / Drums / Percussion / Composition

Christian Jormin performs as a solo pianist with his own compositions and arrangements as a springboard for his improvisations.

In his own studio, he also creates electronic music in which a colorful world of sounds and rhythms is invoked. With synths, piano, drums, gongs, singing bowls and percussion from all corners of the world.  

He is a trained yoga teacher as well as gong master / gong therapist and regularly gives so-called gong baths under the auspices of Brännö Kundalini Yoga and on request. 

See Christian give a gong bath!

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